The food culture of Sea Lapland is part of the northern quality of life. The traditional Lappish delicacies and the catch of the sea are available in the restaurants on every day of the week. The produce is local and organically grown. Our restaurants offer a lot of our rich fishing waters and fertile soil, and of course also international breezes. The largest producers of local food are Lihajalostamo Rönkä, Meän liha, Nieminen farm, Hätälä and Kalaliike Hast. Potatoes and berries are also likely to be grown nearby. The story of the Tornio brewery dates back to 1873. The best-known beer is the original Lapland gold medal beer, Original Lapland Lager, made with the original recipe in the 1960s. The most famous of the distillery’s products is the award-winning, softly aromatic Lójhtu – The Magical Gin of Lapland. Tornio Brewery’s beverage can be ordered from several of our restaurants.

Park Bistro

Park Bistro is a casual pub serving uncomplicated and tasty food. In Bistro we prefer local ingredients and homemade food. Between the burgers, you can taste the steaks of the local meat producer and quench your thirst with the products of Tornio Brewery. For dessert you can enjoy our own ice cream.

Itäranta 4, Tornio


Sataman Krouwi

The cultural history of the Bothnian Bay has been an innovation for Sataman Krouwi event restaurant. In Sataman Krouwi, travellers can warm by the wood-burning fireplace while enjoying the local food and drink culture. 70 % of the ingredients used in the restaurant are locally produced. Music, events, stories and card games are at their best in Sataman Krouwi atmospheric environment.

Rantabulevardi 10, 94100 Kemi


The Blackbeard’s restaurant

Mustaparran Päämaja is a theme restaurant in the center of Tornio, which takes the diner on a trip to the 18th century with its authentic atmosphere and menu. The interior of the restaurant, built according to the story of sailor Iisakki Mustaparta, features rustic wood, small surprises and dim corners. The menu features local specialties, great fish dishes and tasty steaks. Buffet lunch is also available on weekdays.


Hallituskatu 6, Tornio


Grand Lounge

Grand Lounge is a comfortable place to hang out on the first floor of the Grand Hotel. There are e.g. tasty tapas, woks, house burger dishes, delicious desserts, specialty coffees, refreshments, and a wide selection of popular alcoholic beverages. Welcome to enjoy the atmospheric environment!

Hallituskatu 7, Tornio


Pikku Berliini

Pikku Berliini (Little Berlin) is named after the German garrison situated in Tornio during the Second World War. This German style pub has the most extensive beer and whiskey menu of the city. There is a pool table downstairs. The age limit on Fridays and Saturdays is 22 years and otherwise 18 years.

Hallituskatu 11, 95400 Tornio