Churches - Visit Sea Lapland


There are many churches of architectural, cultural-historical and architectural significance in the Sea Lapland area. Take a church tour, quiet down for a moment and find your favorite church.

The Alatornio church

The Alatornio Church, of neoclassical style, dates back to 1797. There probably stood a wooden church in its place already in 1208; however, and most definitely, according to researched data, from the beginning of the 1300s. From the remnants of the medieval church built in 1400 – 1500 there remains the eastern cross arm opposite the main entrance of the current church. The church functioned as part of the Struve Geodetic Arc in the 1700s and is protected as the Unesco World Heritage Site. Open summertime and during The Church Service on Sundays at 10 AM.

Kirkonmäentie 85, 95450 Tornio

The church of Haparanda

The current Church of Haparanda was built in1963 to replace the church that burned down a couple of years earlier. The outside of the church was constructed in copper, and, with time, the golden-hewed reddish color of copper has turned almost black, due to the effect of the seasonally changing climate. The interior of the church, excluding the altarpiece, is white. Open during the summer season.

Köpmansgatan, Haparanda

The church of Kemi

In the beginning of the 1900’s the Kemi Church towered the tiny town of Kemi as a beautiful and sturdy monument. In these days it decorates the city silhouette together with the industrial pipes and the high-rising white City Hall of the city of Kemi. The Kemi Church, designed by architect Josef Stenbäck, was built in 1902. Due to the faded colouring in its structures, the church was restored to its original colouring of light brick-red in 2003. Open during the summer season.

Kirkkopuistokatu 11, Kemi

The Church of Pohjanranta

The beautiful church of Pohjanranta is lined with Aspen shingles. The church decorated with warm wooden colors and altar painting by a Finnish artist Juhani Palmu. The Bishop Samuel Salmi blessed the church and it seats 100 people. In the church is possible to have memorable weddings or christenings. The church in enchanting both in summer and winter. Open: every day

Pohjantie 23, 94400 Keminma

St Michael’s Church and the New Church of Keminmaa

The St. Michael’s Church, built in the 1530’s, is the oldest church in the Sea Lapland region, and the northernmost of the Finnish medieval stone-churches with their original construction left intact.

According to the tradition prevailing in the region up until the 1700’s, people at the Old Church in Keminmaa were buried under the floor. Vicar Nikolaus Rungius, who died in 1629, is the best known of them; his mummified body can be seen in a glass-covered coffin at the St. Michaels Church. Rungius is known to have said, when still alive: ”If the words I’ve said are not true, my body will decay, but if they are true, my remnants will never decay.” Open during the summer season.

Rantatie 63, Keminmaa

The Church of Tornio (The Hedvig Eleonora church)

The Hedvig Eleonora Church or the Church of Tornio is the other of the two churches in Finland dedicated to the Queen Hedvig Eleonora of Sweden. The church is a notable representative of the wooden architectural design of churches in the 1600’s. The bell tower on the west side was built in 1686 – 1687, and it is the oldest Ostrobothnian style bell tower in existence. Open on summer time and on Sundays at 12 when there is a Church service.

Seminaarinkatu, Tornio

The churches of Tervola

The New Church in Tervola

The Tervola Big Church, designed by architect Ludvig Lindquist, was built in 1861 – 1864. The church is protected as a National Landmark Heritage Site.

Kirkkokuja 4, Tervola

The Old Church in Tervola

The Old Church in Tervola, built in 1687-1689, is one of the oldest and best-preserved buttress style wooden churches in all of Finland. Open summertime.

Kirkkokuja 4, Tervola Tervolan seurakunta