It is easy to travel to Sea Lapland!

Sea Lapland is located in Finnish Lapland, at the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia and on the Swedish border. It is easy to travel to Sea Lapland, regardless of the means of transport. 

A flight of merely an hour and a half from the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport takes you to the Kemi-Tornio Airport in the middle of Sea Lapland. Nyxair flies from Helsinki to Kemi-tornio airport. In the vicinity of the Sea Lapland region, both the Oulu, Rovaniemi and Luleå Airports have train connections to the area. Also from Helsinki, you will find a direct train connection to Sea Lapland, to the Kemi, Tornio or Tervola Railway Stations.

Taxari – Sea Lapland Travel Agencyhelps you book your trip with transfers included. In summer you can have a boat ride to the Bothnian Bay National Park from Puotikari harbor. In winter, you can also ride a snowmobile to Meri-Lapland, see snowmobile routes.

Transport connections by train and bus

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If you are arriving from Sweden, see the schedules for HaparandaTornio here: Länstrafiken Norrbotten

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