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Sea Lapland Travel Ltd (Corporate Code: 2608990-4) central booking office complies the following terms and conditions with ordering, booking and cancellation of the conveyed services. By booking a service the Customer is deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions and the booking will be accepted on this basis. The services to be provided are those referred to in the booking confirmation and invoice. The booking must be made by an adult.

When the booking of the service is made at Sea Lapland Online Shop at www.visitsealapland.com, the Customer will receive an invoice with description and additional information of the service booked. In additional information there is contact information to the supplier´s customer service. The booking for a cottage includes information how to get the keys.

Online bookings are either made using a credit card or bank service. At the time of making the booking the customer is responsible for ensuring that they print for themselves the receipt, invoice(s), description of the information including e.g. instructions how to get there, how to get the keys, and the booking and cancellation conditions.


The contact details for the maintainer of the cottage can be found in the confirmation of the booking that was sent to the customer’s email address upon making the booking.

The maximum number of persons specified for the accommodation in the destination description must not be exceeded.


Certain safaris and activities require a minimum number of participants. In case there are fewer participants than informed beforehand, reserves the Supplier the right to cancel the service. The Supplier reserves the right to change prices, the routing and duration of the excursion(s), visit(s), event(s) and safari(s) if necessitated by prevailing weather conditions or if deemed advisable for the sake of safety and comfort of the participants.

In case there is no price for a child it is assumed that the child is sitting in adult´s arms or in a place with an adult pointed by the Supplier. There may be special prices for children and special places designed for children. These conditions may vary according to seasons and services.


Cancellations must always be made in writing to info@visitsealapland.com. The cancellation will be regarded as being received at the time the information of the cancellation in question has reached Sea Lapland Travel Ltd.


A cancellation may only be effective when a written confirmation of the cancellation is received at info@visitsealapland.com. If a service is cancelled after making a booking some or all of the money you have paid may be debited. Different cancellation fees may apply depending on the service and possible extra additional services used. In case of modification or cancellation a handling fee of 12 € per person and modification/cancellation costs of the services are debited. It´s recommended taking travel insurance, which may vary within travel insurance providers. It´s also strongly recommend taking an insurance which covers cancellation, curtailment, personal liability and loss of luggage and personal effects. Please note, the traveler is personally responsible for his insurance cover and its coverage for cases such as cancellation of the service.

If traveler is experiencing troubles with a service, he is responsible to immediately present them on place to service provider (such as airline, hotel or safari organizer) so that eventual deficiencies can be corrected. In case the experienced trouble will not be corrected or it is impossible to do so, traveler is responsible to contact Sea Lapland Travel Ltd.  In case the complaint is not reported immediately, the right for compensation may be limited after trip. Sea Lapland Travel Ltd recommends saving all documentation concerning procedures of correction (such as receipts and travel documents).


Sea Lapland Travel Ltd is not responsible of any incomplete or false information given by the Customer and not of possible fees that may arise with the correction.

Sea Lapland Travel Ltd is not responsible if the Customer does not arrive at the agreed place of departure point by the agreed time or if he/she cannot participate in the activity because he/she on reasons depending on him/her does not have the required documents for the activity with him/her, like e.g. a valid driving license or identification card.

The Suppliers are not responsible of any damages caused by Force Majeure reason such as war, a natural disaster, strike or similar events at or near the desti­nation.

If a cancellation is due to the customer or close relative becoming suddenly ill, is involved in an accident or dies, the customer is entitled to receive a reimbursement of the payments with the exception of the advance payment (30%/50%) for the accommodation services and cancellation fee 12 €). In this case, cancellation must be made immediately. A doctor’s certificate or other verifiable document as the reason for cancellation shall be sent to Sea Lapland Travel Ltd within fourteen (14) days of the cancellation. If the customer changes the accommodation destination or staying time, this is regarded as being a cancellation of the earlier booking and the making of a new booking. If the cancellation occurs with less than 48 hours before the commencement of the rental period or during the rental period itself, no payments made by the customer shall be reimbursed.



If the Customer is experiencing troubles with a service, he is responsible to immediately present them on place to service provider so that eventual deficiencies can be corrected.


Pets may only be brought to accommodation destinations that permit such. Any bringing of pets to the accommodation must be mentioned when making the booking. The customer is responsible for all damages incurred by pets on the property or its fittings and furnishings direct to the owner. Any damages caused must be immediately informed to the maintainer of the property.


Sea Lapland Travel Ltd is not liable to pay compensation for any problems caused by natural conditions, insects, voles, unexpected change in the weather, construction work on a neighbouring properties, alterations in facilities or other alterations that have not been informed to Sea Lapland Travel Ltd, or for problems caused by any third party (e.g. interruptions in the supply of water, electricity or television services) that potentially incur damages or costs for the customer.


Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) cooperates with Finnish banks and credit institutions as the payment service provider.Paytrail Oyj appears as the payee on the account statement or card invoice and forwards the payment to the merchant. Paytrail Oyj has a payment institution license. In the event of a complaint, please contact the product supplier in the first instance. Paytrail Oyj, Innova 2, Lutakonaukio 7, 40100 Jyväskylä. Tel: +358 207 181830. www.paytrail.com.


The payment intermediation service related to online banking payments is implemented by Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. From the user’s point of view, the service works just like traditional online payment.