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Sea Lapland

Sea Lapland is made of the unique nature of Lapland, three fishy rivers, beautiful archipelago, the world’s only tourist icebreaker Sampo and the SnowCastle rising from the sea. Sea Lapland is a unique experience.

Sea Lapland, with a richly varied past and a highly colorful cultural history, is the most prosperous region in all of Lapland. Due to its location by the sea with its outflowing rivers, trading and travel became very prominent in the region since the early 1500s, eventually enabling the region to develop into a center of boundless creativity. The beauty of the unique nature of Lapland In the Sea Lapland region, the three main rivers rich with fish flowing through it, will offer you experiences to be remembered; in the archipelago of the area, where the Icebreaker Sampo breaks ice and the world-renowned SnowCastle of Kemi decorates the shores, every winter, you will enjoy adventures unlike anywhere else.

Two cities and three communes form the Sea Lapland area: the twin-city TornioHaparanda and the city of Kemi, and the communes of Keminmaa, Simo and Tervola. The three salmon-rivers, the Simojoki, Kemijoki and Tornionjoki, all flowing down to the Gulf of Bothnia, are situated in the region. The various areas in Sea Lapland carry different characteristics, but the heart in each is similar.