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About us

Meri-Lapin Matkailu Oy / Sea Lapland Travel Ltd was established in 2013 to coordinate joint marketing and sales in Sea Lapland.

Contact information

Sea Lapland Travel Ltd
Virkamaankatu 16
FI – 95420 Tornio

Tel: +35820 7479 440


Ms. Teija Mikkola
Sales Director
Tel: +358400 357420

E-invoices: E-invoice address: 003726089904 Operator: Maventa Broker ID: DABAFIHH

Paper invoices: Meri-Lapin Matkailu Oy / Meri-Lapin Matkailu Oy
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

Email invoices in PDF-format: invoice-26089904@kollektor.fi

Sea Lapland Travel Ltd

Sea Lapland Travel Ltd, founded in 2013, is the tourism marketing company for the municipalities of Simo, Tervola and Keminmaa, and the towns of Kemi and Tornio. The company is the regional organization and trustee for the companies working within the travel industry. The company is owned by the municipalities mentioned above 8 % and enterprises of the area 92 %. The stake of the municipalities is administered by Sea Lapland Development Centre.

Sea Lapland Travel Ltd works together with the company network of the area. The companies in Sea Lapland work with different parts of the travel business making use of their experience and know-how. In addition to marketing, selling, PR and other media work, the tasks include tourist information.

Development of the internationalization expertise of Sea Lapland Travel Ltd project 1.8.2021-31.1.2022

The project’s purpose is to increase Sea Lapland Travel Ltd’s internationalization expertise and to learn how to utilize the sales channel used in the region and the digital distribution channels operating on the Internet, as well as to develop expert services. In order to increase the competence of the company’s staff, consulting is used to help the company implement best practices. The development measures seek clarity on digital opportunities, increase the regional organization’s understanding of international digital
business management. Develop the company’s business model as part of value networks and the corporate ecosystem. The aim is to increase the number of tourists and tourist income in destination Sea Lapland, which will also lead to an increase in the vitality of the region.