Icebreaker Sampo - Visit Sea Lapland

Tourist cruiser Icebreaker Sampo

Icebreaker Sampo offers a unique cruise experience as it heads towards the frozen, open seascape.

Admire the open sea glacier and feel the power of Sampo as it breakes the ice

The 3,5 hour Icebreaker Sampo cruise takes you to the amazing the arctic icebreaking adventure. Admire the beauty of vast open icefields as the huge vessel breaks the ice. When the ship stops in the middle of the endless field of ice, one can come down off the ship, on to the ice to walk around and admire the spacious scenery. A unique experience is to swim in the ice cold water, sliding in the pool from the edge of the ice in a special, thermally insulated suit. Complete your experience with a delicacy plate full of local flavors. You can find both sweet and salty on the plate, with which you can pamper your taste buds and get an idea of ​​what Sea Lapland can taste like at its best.

Watch a video from Sampo cruise here

Operator: Kemin Matkailu Oy / Experience365