Ähtäristä löydät monipuoliset kokouspaketit niin lyhyisiin kuin pidempiinkin kokouksiin! Valitse juuri sinun tarpeisiisi sopivimmat tilat. Voit kokoustaa joustavasti niin maatilalla, leirikeskuksessa, mökissä, huvilassa kuin hotellissakin. Sekä kokopäiväkokouksiin että puolipäiväkokouksiin sisältyy halutessasi lounas, sekä tarvittaessa niihin voidaan järjestää taukotarjoilut ja/tai aamiainen.

Tutustu eri vaihtoehtoihin ja ota yhteyttä – räätälöimme kokouksen tarpeidesi mukaan.


A multi-purpose facility next to the Snowpanda House. Tiered seats for approximately 500 people, and total capacity of 1200 people. A perfect venue for seminars, meetings, different cultural events, and trade fairs. The facilities can be adapted to suit events of different sizes and types. Located next to the versatile services of the Ähtäri tourism area.

Address: Karhunkierros 150, Ähtäri

Enquiries: 040 544 2537

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Hotel Mesikämmen

Hotel Mesikämmen is the perfect venue for one-day meetings and longer seminars alike. You can complement your event with, for example, a visit to the Snowpanda House, a tour of the zoo, a visit to a farm, or an adventure in Flowpark. Meals are served in the hotel restaurant or Snowpanda Deli & Café.

Enquiries: 0405003933,

Naava Spring Spa

In the villa area of the Naava Resort, you can find the inviting high-class conference and spa building Naava Springs, which is an architecturally impressive entity designed for 16 persons. In the spa area, you will find a steam bath, sauna, and jacuzzi with immaculate shower and dressing rooms. Through the sliding doors in the glass wall, the comfortable and elegantly decorated facilities transition seamlessly into a large patio with a gorgeous view of the lake. The lounge-like conference rooms create a relaxed atmosphere. The facilities are equipped with modern conference technology. Located close to the services of the Ähtäri tourism area.

Enquiries: 0405003933,

Valkeisen Loma

Valkeisen Loma provides an idyllic countryside setting for meetings. The surrounding peaceful nature with great outdoor sports possibilities and delicious food served in the cosy restaurant guarantee that your event will be a success. And to ensure that you and your team do more than just sit, we can complement your day with a range of different activities and programme services. Up-to-date conference technology. Meeting venues for approximately 60 persons at most.

Enquiries: 0405003933,

Hyvölä Houses

A relaxing country setting for conference and training groups. Room for 20–25 persons at most. An abundant selection of programme choices available for overnight events, including a smoke sauna, a hot tub, and a “kota” hut. Skiing and hunting trips and guided fishing tours available. Our communal conference environment is sure to generate results.

Enquiries: 0405003933,


Honkiniemi can accommodate multiple groups at the same time. There are versatile meeting facilities ranging from 200-person venues to cabinets for small groups. All guest groups have one specific meeting room at their disposal, plus several smaller meeting or groupwork spaces according to their needs. Up-to-date conference technology. The peaceful and beautiful milieu by Lake Ähtärinjärvi provides a perfect setting also for more active and dynamic conference days

Enquiries: 0405003933,

Pirkanlinna auditorium

Pirkanlinna Culture Centre in downtown Ähtäri features an auditorium for 130 persons, equipped with modern conference technology.

Address: Lukiontie 1, Ähtäri

Enquiries: 0405003933,