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Umpitunneli Ravintola 2

Restaurant Umpitunneli

Umpitunneli has been full of fun and good food for over 20 years! Umpitunneli, or "Umppari" is located next to the Tornio River and is one of Lapland's most well-known bars. The terrace is one of the largest ones in Finland. During summertime there is live music also on the outdoor stage.

Mon-Tue  15-22, kitches closes at 21.30
Wed  15-04, kitchen closes at 21.30
Tor  15-22, kitchen closes at 21.30
Fri  15-04, kitchen closes at 21.30
Sat  13-04, kitchen closes at 21.30
Sun  13-19.30

Hallituskatu 15, Tornio

+358 40 126 0200