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Winter adventures on the frozen sea in Kemi

The hovercraft offers an enjoyable experience of moving on ice. A calm and soft way to marvel at the glimmering field of ice and views of the archipelago passing by.
Whether you are interested in seeing seals, going ice fishing or even taking a cruise in the majestic icebreaker Sampo, SeAdventures Hovercraft will take you there!

The hovercraft ride leaves from Mansikkanokka, Lumilinnankatu.


Hovercraft trip to a Seal Safari

Are you looking for something new and different? If so, this experience is for you!
The hovercraft will take you to spot seals in their natural habitat. You can admire and photograph these magnificent animals while enjoying a basket of delicacies. Leaving the craft is not allowed during the trip.

Available: March-April
Duration: 2-3 hours (weather conditions may affect the total duration of the trip)
Price: 270 € / person
Includes: Pick up from the hotel, hovercraft ride, basket of delicacies
Reservation size: 4-7 persons


Hovercraft trip to a winter fishing spot

Get to know the world of winter fishing on the frozen Bay of Bothnia. Take a trip through the snow-covered archipelago to a winter fishing spot, where you’ll get to try net fishing and enjoy some pre-prepared Finnish seafood delicacies.

Available: December-April
Duration: 2 h
Price: 250 € / person
Includes: Pick up from the hotel, hovercraft ride, activity, seafood delicacies
Reservation size: 4-7 persons


Hovercraft trip to the Arctic Adventure Island

Take an activity-packed trip to the Arctic Adventure Island. We’ll take you from the SnowCastle Resort to the nearby Arctic Adventure Island. There you’ll get to try snowshoeing and to practice reindeer lassoing with a traditional ‘suopunki‘ rope. Enjoy a delicious meal by an open fire in the Arctic Island Hut. On the way back we will stop on the frozen sea and get off the hovercraft giving you the chance to take photographs of the ice fields and the snow-covered archipelago.

Available: November-May
Duration: 3 h
Price: 280 € / person
Includes: Pick up from the hotel, hovercraft ride, meal, activities
Reservation size: 4-7 persons


Hovercraft trip to an island hut

Take a trip to the tiny Kajavakari island to spend a moment of tranquillity in a traditional goahti hut. Let your mind unwind admiring the breathtaking archipelago landscape. Relax by the open fire in the hut and enjoy some campfire snacks.

You can also try your skills at snow golf! On the way back we will take a photography break.

Available: November-May
Duration: 2 h
Price: 240 € / person
Includes: Pick up from the hotel, hovercraft ride, activities, snacks 
Reservation size: 4-7 persons


Hovercraft trip to Savotta

In this trip, you will get to combine the experience of moving on ice with the hovercraft and enjoy a delicious dinner in a traditional surrounding! Before dinner, we will stop at Kajavakari island where you can try ice fishing or snow golf according to the weather conditions. After dinner in the Savotta you will have car transfer back to town.

Available: November-May
Duration: 3 h 
Price: 340 € / person
Includes: Pick up from the hotel, hovercraft ride, activities, snacks and coffee, a meal at Savotta, car transfer back to the hotel 
Group size: 4-7 persons


Hovercraft ride to Icebreaker Sampo

Explore the frozen sea from every perspective! Hop on board our hovercraft to glide over the ice and see the snow whirling in our wake up and close! You’ll also get to enjoy some gourmet snacks during the ride. We’ll take a stop in the middle of the frozen sea, so you can take amazing pictures of the arctic landscape.

We will drive you from the SnowCastle Resort to the Icebreaker Sampo. Climb on board and feel the power of the huge vessel as it breaks the ice beneath. You will also get to swim among the blocks of ice in a hole broken by the ship. Take a guided tour of the historic vessel and enjoy a delicious 3-course buffet in the onboard restaurant.

After the cruise, you will get a taxi transport back from the harbor to your hotel. (You can also choose to take a taxi to the harbor and a hovercraft ride back.)

Availability: According to Sampo Icebreaker cruise schedule
Duration: 5 h 
Price: 690 € / person
HOVERCRAFT RIDE Includes: Pick up from your hotel, Gourmet basket, Taxi to hotel
ICEBREAKER CRUISE Includes: Guided tour, Ice swimming, 3-course buffet on board, Icebreaker Sampo diploma
Reservation size: 4-7 persons


You merely need normal outdoor clothing suitable for the weather. Hovercraft ride starts from Lumilinnankatu 20, 94100 Kemi. Our watersports center is right by the SnowCastle resort, just a 10 minute walk away from the Kemi city centre.

Free parking at SnowCastle Resort parking lot. 

Any cancellations must be reported immediately.
For transportation for the physically impaired please make a reservation in advance, so any disabilities can be taken into consideration.

Reservations and more information:

+358 400690277