Olokolo Nest

Cosy and warm Olokolo nests are a convenient way to stay overnight in Arctic conditions. Stay the night in the nest by the SnowCastle. Olokolo, with a transparent roof, allows you to enjoy the beauty of the wintry night in Lapland, watch the sky, the stars and the moon above – and perhaps the Northern Lights during the night! For groups, there is the possibility to cross the frozen sea in the nest and spend the night in Olokolo on the Arctic Adventure Island.

Every Olokolo is equipped with warm sleeping bags and soft lambskins.

All services of the SnowHotel are available; the price includes entrance fee to the SnowCastle, accommodation in Olokolo, breakfast and morning shower. Additional services like 3-course dinner in the SnowRestaurant also available.

Olokolo accommodation is available for groups with a minimum of 10 participants. 

Lumilinnankatu 15, Kemi

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